Will my Nutritower be equipped with an electrical cable that fits the sockets in my country?

The Nutritower has two plugs - one for the pump and one for the lights. All towers sold in North America come with standard TYPE B grounded plugs. The system plugs into any regular socket and does not require special voltage to run properly.


For our European and other international customers: We are doing our best to fit the towers with the best plug for your country. Currently, towers destined for Europe will be equipped with a TYPE F plug. The ballasts that run the lights are self-ranging from 110v to 240v and the pump meets all European regulations. If you do not use a TYPE F plug, you can simply and safely use an adapter to fit your country plug type.


*We also strongly recommend that you use a surge protector to operate the Nutritower. This will avoid the chance of any power surges damaging the ballasts.

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