What is the weekly maintenance for my Nutritower?

Weekly maintenance should take 10 to 20 minutes

1) Replenish water

Periodically check the water level in your reservoir. You will need to top up water in between changing of the nutrient mix to keep thing well fed. The easiest way to do so is to pour water directly into one of the pots using a pitcher. Keep an eye on the water level so not to over-fill!



2) Cheacking water flow

While the pump is running check that all lines are flowing properly and that none of the pots ar flowing slower than others. This is good practice and could help catch an overflowing pot before it occurs!


3) Remove residue and dead folliage

As plants grow it is normal for some of the oldest leaves to dry up and die. This residue can cause problems down the line if kept unchecked and are best removed regularly to ensure that your Nutritower is working properly. To remove them, simply cut them away with a clean pair of scissors and discard them in the garbage or compost.



4) Rotate plants

As your plants get bigger, you may need to move them away from the light. This serves to purposes - to avoid burning from extended contact with the bulbs and to promote even growth around the pot.

To do this, remove the netting pot, rotate the plant 180 degrees and replace. try to pull the leave back so they are sitting on the outside of the Nutritower. 


We recommend doing this throughout the week, but an entire glance at the units is advised at least once a week. Thi will also let you know how things ar eprogressing and most importantly, what is ready for harvest! 

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