How often do I need to change the water?

Water management is a very important part of the health and functionality of any hydroponic garden - It will have a direct impact on the growth rate and health of your plants.


The Nutritower was designed to make water management easy by integrating a removable reservoir. This allows the user to quickly refresh or replace the nutrient solution which helps maximize plant health and reduce the risk of water-born illnesses and pests.


The optimal frequency of a complete reservoir change is every 2 weeks as nutrients will deplete as your plants grow. refer to this article for instructions on changing the water and nutrients here.


Between these replacements, you can monitor your water level periodically and top up the reservoir by pouring from a pitcher directly into one of the pots. Make sure to keep an eye on the water level to not overfill. This way you do not need to remove the reservoir other than during a complete nutrient replacement.



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    Julie Saint-Pierre

    What is your best technique to change the water?

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