How do I install the retrofit pack for the lighting system?

If you are one of our first customers, chances are you were affected by an early design issue that caused one or more of your ballasts to burn out prematurely. The result is that two or more of the lights went out permanently regardless of the health of the bulbs or the rest of the system.


We've since been able to implement a working add-on that reroutes the power source for the lights to the top of the tower in order to provide heat dissipation which was the main cause of the problem.


Here is a PDF file that explains exactly how to replace the current ballast with the new pack. Unfortunately, it does involve some disassembly - but on the bright side (pun intended) all your lights will work again and you will be back on track with your Nutritower. Included in this kit is our new version of the Nutritonic. This blend will ensure that you get a consistent growth rate and all your plants will thrive with the new lights!


Some of the cases may be missing a hardware kit (4 spacers and screws). If this is the case please email us directly at and we will send it out immediately.


Please contact us here if you have any questions.







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