How to change out the reservoir

Water management is an essential part of your Nutritower maintenance. Fresh water and nutrient will help boost your plant's growth rate and lower the risk of water-bound disease and pests! For this reason, we kept the reservoir small enough to manage regularly - At under 5 gallons removing cleaning and refilling is straightforward and only requires a few minutes of your time.    


Here are the steps to follow when replacing the reservoir:

1) Remove the door at the front of the base of your tower (figure A)

2) Pull the reservoir forward from inside the base (figure B)

3) Remove the pump from the reservoir 

4) Remove the reservoir completely from the base

5) Discard the water from the reservoir

6) Clean the reservoir with hot water and mild dish soap - make sure to scrub out any residue

7) Rinse the reservoir thoroughly

8) Refill the reservoir halfway 

9) Add 30ml of both Nutritonic A and B

10) Place the reservoir at the front of the base

11) Using a pitcher, top up the reservoir to about 2 inches (5 cm) from the top (figure C)

12) Replace the pump in the reservoir

13) Slide the reservoir back into its place at the center of the base

14) ** VERY IMPORTANT** Replace all 8 drain tubes back into the reservoir! (figure D)


Figure A


Figure B


Figure C


Figure D


Keeping your nutrient mixture fresh will make sure your plants are growing at an optimal level. We recommend changing the water every two weeks by following these steps and topping up with fresh ware in between.


**This article provides the basic steps to replace your nutrient mixture - For a more in-depth look at nutrient management, click here.



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