installing the lights on my Nutritower

If you are setting up a new tower, the lighting component may require a little extra care while setting up. This article will help you if you are experiencing issues with two or four of the lights flashing, or not turning on.


Before we start, let's go over some key points:


All four lights need to be in place before plugging in the tower. If only one or two bulbs are placed, it is normal for none of them to light up when turned on.

The lights are wired in pairs, so if two lights are out, this may indicate that you simply have a faulty bulb. 


** Before doing any work on the light, make sure to unplug the tower. 


For a new tower:


If all four lights have been installed and two lights do not turn on, the first thing to check is the connection points. The connectors are meant to be on the tight side, so it may take a little more pressure to completely snap them in. *This is the most common cause for a lighting issue on a new tower!


If the bulbs are well seated, it could be a damaged bulb. This sometimes happens during shipping and may not be obvious with a visual inspection alone. To check this, remove the bulbs that are not lighting up and replace them with the two that did. If the same connectors have power and the bulbs light up, we have eliminated an electrical issue and can assume that it's a bulb.

You can submit a support ticket and we can assist you in getting a replacement sent out.


For an older tower:


There are two root causes of a lighting issue: the ballast or a bulb.


If all 4 lights have gone out at once, look no further - it's most likely a ballast. Contact customer support by submitting a ticket and we will be happy to help!


If two lights are out, it is most likely a bulb. In order to test this, remove the two lights that are out and replace them with the two that were on. If they light up, then it is most likely that a burnt-out bulb is the cause. 


If your lighting issue persists, please reach us by either submitting a ticket or by emailing us at


The Nutritower support Team.





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