What to do if a line stops flowing

The very first thing to try is to blow air in the tube to see if it is 100% blocked. If air is flowing freely, you may want to check that the slider valve on the front of the pump is set to max (completely toward the +).
In many cases, simply blowing some air through the tube solves the problem.

The next question is has the tower sat idle for a period of time? If so was it cleaned before shutting it down. Often times, a blocked tube is do to calcified material in the tube or manifold. 
If this is the case and the tower has no plants in it, then you can do a deep clean of the water system by following these steps:
  1. Remove the reservoir
  2. Fill it half way with hot water
  3. Add 3 capfuls of either vinegar or hydrogen peroxide 
  4. Replace the reservoir
  5. Replace all the drain tubes in the reservoir
  6. Run the pump until the water has reached room temperature
  7. Repeat steps 1,2,4,5, and 6
  8. Remove the reservoir one last time
  9. Clean and rinse the reservoir fully
  10. Repeat steps 4 and 5.
This should loosen any calcified nutrient or algae in the manifold and tubes.
If these steps do not solve the issue, please contact us at info@nutritower.com 
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